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Kindling Lifelong Dreams to Fly

The pilots who command aircraft like Chinooks for the United States military have a fire burning in them that sets them apart from the civilians they protect. In at least one case, that flame was lit and kindled while sweeping hangars at our very own Aurora State Airport. As a boy in Canby, Oregon, Josh…

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Sunset Aviation’s Big Role with Small Parts

At some point this summer, when you may look up on a cool Oregon evening you might see a Vertol-107 or a CH-47 Chinook  en-route to suppress one of the much too frequently  occurring infernos. However, even the most eagle-eyed among us  won’t see  the integral hydraulic components under the rotor that were carefully assembled…

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Become a Friend of Aurora State Airport

Aurora State Airport is working to become the best possible neighbor to our local communities and families. The airport and businesses that operate within it strive to help our communities become even better.

You can become a Friend of Aurora Airport to receive news, stories, events, and opportunities to get involved. Become a Friend and together, we can continue to work as a neighbors to ensure the best possible outcomes for our families and communities.

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