Your Trusted Neighbor for Almost 75 Years

The Aurora State Airport was built in 1943 by the United States Air Force as an auxiliary base to support the war effort during World War 2. The airport was used for many purposes including patrolling the coast and the flight training of pilots. Shortly after the war, the airport was closed and turned over to the state of Oregon.


The runway was established in 1943 as well and was designed to military standards of that era, since World War II was still in process.  Thus, it is the original gravel base and pavement was designed so that the runway could accommodate large bombers and cargo aircraft, if needed in the future.

As the area around the airport began to develop and populate over time, the airport usage and traffic began to increase as well.

For nearly a century, the airport has been a trusted neighbor to the communities it serves. As Oregon’s third busiest airport, and one of only 84 general aviation airports identified by the Federal Aviation Administration as nationally significant, the airport has strived to help families and communities thrive and remain safe for almost 75 years.


Ready to Help Keep Our Communities Safe

Aurora State Airport is home to dozens of local businesses conducting missions that are critical to the safety and well-being of our communities. Missions conducted out of the airport include aerial firefighting efforts, fire suppression efforts, ICU emergency-level transportation, powerline restoration efforts and emergency recovery efforts. The businesses that operate at the Aurora State Airport are ready to help our communities in times of trouble.

Beyond the safety the airport provides, it’s a driver to the local economy and businesses within Wilsonville, Woodburn, Aurora, Canby, Donald, and the South Portland Metro area. The Aurora State Airport contributes over 1,300 living-wage jobs for our neighbors.

The Aurora State Airport is more than a community airport, it is a trusted neighbor to the surrounding local communities. We share the same values, priding ourselves on being safe, local, and prepared.


Become a Friend of Aurora State Airport

Aurora State Airport is working to become the best possible neighbor to our local communities and families. The airport and businesses that operate within it strive to help our communities become even better.

You can become a Friend of Aurora Airport to receive news, stories, events, and opportunities to get involved. Become a Friend and together, we can continue to work as a neighbors to ensure the best possible outcomes for our families and communities.

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