Aurora Airport is an integral part of its surrounding communities.

Significance of airport:

  • Aurora is the largest of the state-owned airports in terms of based aircraft (approximately 475 aircraft).
  • Aurora is the one of the top three busiest airports in Oregon (only to PDX and Hillsboro) and one of only 84 general aviation airports in the nation identified by the Federal Aviation Administration as nationally significant.
  • The state and federal government have invested heavily in Aurora – including a state of the art tower manned by top shelf Professional Air Traffic Controllers 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm
HTS Mechanic

Economic Development:

  • In 2015, Aurora facilitated 94,935 aircraft operations bringing in hundreds of thousands of aviation visitors, including companies interested in Oregon. These numbers are growing.
  • Aurora airport’s economic impact was over $500 million dollars in 2013, not including tax revenue generated from property or income tax (2014 Oregon Aviation Plan Economic Impact study).
  •  Aurora private property owners pay $1,224,961 to local taxing districts for land and buildings (taxing districts include Aurora Fire District, North Marion High School and Marion County).
  • Aurora attracts corporate headquarters and larger companies to the region, providing family wage jobs.
  • Aurora is a driver for companies to choose our region. Officers and employees being able to efficiently fly in and out is crucial.
  • Having a nearby towered airport for corporate flights gives the region a huge advantage when competing with other regions which have not invested in a regional airport.


  • Aurora directly employs 1,300 people.
  • Aurora directly supports an additional 274 jobs off the airport property.
  • Accordingly, 1,500 jobs depend upon the success of the Aurora airport. Employers include:
  • Three of the best and biggest heavy-lift helicopter companies in the world - Helicopter Transport Services, Erickson, and Columbia.
  • Vans Aircraft - the biggest aircraft kit-plan manufacturer in the world.
  •  Pacific Coast Avionics - one of the biggest avionics dealers in the country.
  • Two flight Schools - Aurora Flight Training and Willamette Aviation.
  • Lynx Network, a National Fixed Base Operator (FBO) providing fuel and service.
  • Life Flight Network, the Northwest Regions premier air ambulance service.



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