Thank you from Apex Helicopters

Dear Aurora Airport,   I am the owner and a pilot for Apex Helicopters. I wanted to write to express our sincere appreciation for the hospitality the entire Aurora Airport showed Apex Helicopters when it arrived on September 8, 2020.   Apex Helicopters operates an Airbus AS350B3 Astar, helicopter, for the State of Oregon Department…

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Aurora State Airport critical to fighting Oregon wildfires

Published in General Aviation News Aurora State Airport (KUAO) has become a staging grounds for fighting the wildfires that blaze in Marion, Clackamas, and Linn Counties. According to officials with the Friends of Aurora Airport, the Oregon Department of Forestry crews are basing resilience assets at KUAO to fast track their efforts to contain the fires.…

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Aurora Airport lends support in firefighting efforts

Published in Canby Herald The airport is being used as staging and support area in the battle to keep area blazes under control As the battles continue to be fought against wildfires in Marion, Clackamas and Linn counties, the Oregon Department of Forestry crews are basing resilience assets at the Aurora State Airport to fast-track…

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HTS Offers Helitank to Aid in Firefighting Effort

Published in Canby First As day two continues with battling fires that blaze in Marion, Clackamas, and Linn counties, the Oregon Department of Forestry crews are basing resilience assets at the Aurora State Airport to fast track their efforts to contain the fires. At least one Oregon Army National Guard Helicopter and a US Airforce Reserve Helicopter…

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Kindling Lifelong Dreams to Fly

The pilots who command aircraft like Chinooks for the United States military have a fire burning in them that sets them apart from the civilians they protect. In at least one case, that flame was lit and kindled while sweeping hangars at our very own Aurora State Airport. As a boy in Canby, Oregon, Josh…

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Sunset Aviation’s Big Role with Small Parts

At some point this summer, when you may look up on a cool Oregon evening you might see a Vertol-107 or a CH-47 Chinook  en-route to suppress one of the much too frequently  occurring infernos. However, even the most eagle-eyed among us  won’t see  the integral hydraulic components under the rotor that were carefully assembled…

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The Future of Aviation in Oregon is Bright With TeenFlight

As the aviation industry in Oregon transitions to the next generation of pilots, mechanics, technicians, innovators, and enthusiasts, many will see just how bright the future is because of the vision of one man and continued commitment of so many others in the development of the TeenFlight program. Dick VanGrunsven, founder of Van’s Aircraft, started…

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Columbia Helicopters’ Historic Sea Rescue

It may be one of the most dramatic events to take place in the history of the Southern Oregon Coast that most Oregonians have never heard about. On September 10, 1957, a young pilot in a small helicopter single-handedly rescued 15 sailors from a dredge sinking in the entrance to the Coos Bay channel. It…

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Aerometal International: Bringing Aviation History Back to Life

Not many would argue the role the Douglas DC-3 played in transforming the commercial airline industry, pioneering passenger air travel, and leaving a lasting mark on U.S. involvement in World War II through the development of the C-47. The legendary plane that was developed in 1934, and took its first flight in 1935, played a…

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FLIR Thermal Imaging Helps Heroes Save Lives

Frantic and wondering whether she would make it out of a heavily wooded wilderness park in Florida, a woman called 911 to tell dispatch that she couldn’t seem to find her way out after about two hours of hiking in the dark. The local sheriff’s office deployed their Aviation Unit – including a helicopter equipped…

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Become a Friend of Aurora State Airport

Aurora State Airport is working to become the best possible neighbor to our local communities and families. The airport and businesses that operate within it strive to help our communities become even better.

You can become a Friend of Aurora Airport to receive news, stories, events, and opportunities to get involved. Become a Friend and together, we can continue to work as a neighbors to ensure the best possible outcomes for our families and communities.

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