Aurora, OR. – The Aurora Airport Improvement Association (AAIA) announced today a long-term initiative to highlight the impact and significance the airport has within local surrounding communities. The initiative will highlight the people and businesses that collectively contribute to the airport’s safety, preparedness and success since 1943.

“The Aurora State Airport is home to dozens of local businesses that do important work that is mission-critical to our surrounding communities,” said Bruce Bennett, President of Aurora Aviation. “The airport has so many people— pilots, mechanics, medical professionals, maintenance technicians, administrative staff, and others that drive the success of our communities every day.”

Originally established as an as an auxiliary base to support the United States war effort during WW2, the Aurora State Airport has grown into the third busiest airport in Oregon and a major contributor to the local and state economy, sustaining nearly 1,300 living wage jobs on the airport. You can find airport employees living in all surrounding communities.

“This campaign allows us to give appreciation to all of the people that contribute to the safe operations that our communities rely on,” said Tony Helbling, Logistics Manager for Wilson Construction. “We are thrilled to tell the story of the airport and all of the important work that it does on a daily basis to support our communities, friends, and neighbors.”



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Aurora State Airport is working to become the best possible neighbor to our local communities and families. The airport and businesses that operate within it strive to help our communities become even better.

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