House Bill 2497 Prevents Safety Improvements at Aurora Airport

Friends, please be aware that the City of Wilsonville has introduced HB 2497 into the Oregon legislature.  

You can see it here.


Admittedly, we’ve never seen a bill with a demonstrably incorrect preamble.


Whereas the Aurora Airport Master Plan is presently the subject of appeals brought by three parties to the Land Use Board of Appeals.”


This is obviously not the case. Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals Dismissed those appeals on December 16th.


Opponents of the airport are continuing attempts to make sure safety improvements benefiting the community can never occur – including the runway extension.


This most recent attempt tries to accomplish legislatively what opponents of the airport failed to do in their litigation and appeal in Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals.


But LUBA was clear in its findings that it agreed with the Aurora Airport in all matters in question. Here’s a refresher of what the LUBA ruling said:


  1. Public process was followed during the Master Plan process as City of Wilsonville, City of Aurora and Clackamas County were all members of the ODA’s Public Advisory Committee, which met multiple times in 2010 and 2011. (Page 8) 
  1. Aurora Airport Master Plan, including the runway extension, is compatible with the Marion County Comprehensive Plan. “We conclude above that the 2012 Airport Plan is compatible with the MCCP and that, therefore, the Aviation Board was not required to separately demonstrate compliance with the goals.” (Page 33)
  1. The Master Plan (and runway extension) will not lead to larger planes utilizing airport. “We agree with respondents that for the reasons explained in the response briefs, the improvements contemplated by the 2012 Airport Plan do not permit service to a larger class of airplanes.” (Page 27)
  1. The Master Plan does not need to comply with other land use plans. Respondents respond, and we agree, that the adopted SAC definition of "affected city or county" at OAR 738-130-0005(15) and OAR 731-015-0005(2) means that the Aviation Board was not required to establish compatibility with the acknowledged plans of Aurora, Wilsonville and Clackamas County.”  (Page 29)


No more misinformation attempts to obstruct community safety. It’s time to move forward with safety improvements that have been planned at the Aurora Airport since 1976. Improvements like the runway extension are critical for keeping the community safe in instances of emergency and promoting safer operations of our local businesses, pilots, airport and emergency response community.


Please be ready to oppose this bill if or when it receives a public hearing.

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