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As you may have read, opponents of the Aurora Airport are continuing attempts to make sure safety improvements benefiting the community can never occur.

This most recent attempt - House Bill 2497 - tries to accomplish legislatively what opponents of the airport failed to do in their litigation and appeal at Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). This legislation is not only a land use super-siting bill that by-passes what LUBA has already decided, but it also intentionally hinders long-planned safety improvements like the runway extension. You can read the full testimony laying out Aurora Airport Improvement Association's opposition to the bill here.

House Bill 2497 is currently sitting in the Joint Committee on Transportation, and we need your help to make sure it stays there.

Here is how you can help—reach out to the committee members listed below through email or phone call to their office and tell them you oppose House Bill 2497 that prevents safety improvements at the Aurora Airport that have been planned since 1976.

It’s important to personalize the call or email by giving the legislator or staff your name, what you do at the airport or why the airport is important to you.


Committee Members to Contact

Co-Chair of Committee: Senator Lee Beyer
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1706
Email: Sen.LeeBeyer@oregonlegislature.gov

Co-Vice Chair of Committee: Senator Brian Boquist
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712
Email: Sen.BrianBoquist@oregonlegislature.gov

State Senator Lew Frederick
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1722
Email: Sen.LewFrederick@oregonlegislature.gov

State Senator Chris Gorsek
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1725
Email: Sen.ChrisGorsek@oregonlegislature.gov

State Senator Lynn Findley
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1730
Email: Sen.LynnFindley@oregonlegislature.gov


Letter from Bruce Bennett:


Dear Senator Findley,

After my father bought land and started a business on the Aurora Airport in 1968, this Airport has been extremely important to me and my family. Three generations of us have been employed here (myself since 1974) as well as thousands of local individuals who have built good careers at this Airport.


We have watched the Airport (built in 1943) slowly develop under the very strict guidance of the Oregon Dept. of Aviation and the FAA. This house bill which would essentially give control to local municipalities with absolutely no Airport management skill or experience would be disastrous. Aviation is an extremely technical field and well-intentioned but uninformed  input can easily and seriously impair safety.


The Airport has communicated very well with all our neighboring cities over the years, I can tell you personally from hundreds of hours of experience volunteering in noise studies and master plan work groups that are clearly documented to have been well attended by representatives of these communities.


Please help stop this completely unneeded and potentially catastrophic house bill.


Thank you and please contact me with any questions.


Bruce Bennett

President Aurora Aircraft LLC



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