At some point this summer, when you may look up on a cool Oregon evening you might see a Vertol-107 or a CH-47 Chinook  en-route to suppress one of the much too frequently  occurring infernos. However, even the most eagle-eyed among us  won’t see  the integral hydraulic components under the rotor that were carefully assembled and inspected by Sunset Aviation Services at the Aurora State Airport to ensure the fire suppression missions run smoothly.

The business wasn’t always the premier aviation hydraulic repair and maintenance shop of the region. It started as Sunset Helicopters in 2002 as a helicopter flight school. Over the years owner Tony Lindstrom expanded to include repair services, eventually transitioning into the Sunset Aviation Services we know now nearly a decade later.

Tony  started off on the ground working with a very different clientele – he managed cattle with a spread near Canby. He recalls the day that his love for aviation was kindled. He went to check on one of his cows and stumbled upon a sign in the trees that said, “Learn to Fly Helicopters.”  He got his pilot’s license and then his commercial license.  Nearly 20 years later and after three stints as a helicopter pilot with some of the best companies in the area, Tony has made Sunset Aviation one of the most trusted hydraulic maintenance shops in Oregon.

Sunset Aviation works on all aircraft hydraulic components for evaluation and repair. They also leverage fiber lasers, C02 lasers, and plasma lasers for smaller projects like custom toolboxes.

Since its origins, Sunset Aviation has called the Aurora State Airport home. The support role that their hydraulic shop plays quietly ensures their clients’ heavy lift helicopters can conduct safe and effective fire suppression missions. Alongside KUAO businesses such as Life Flight, Helicopter Transport, Wilson Construction, Columbia, and others they’re playing an integral role in the fight to keep surrounding communities safe.

Sunset Aviation


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