Taking Our Communities Higher

Aurora State Airport is on a mission to take our communities higher. The airport is driven by the premise that together as neighbors, we can create the safest and brightest future for our local communities. We are focused on continuing our time-honored reputation as a safe, local, and prepared airport and community neighbor for over 75 years.

Life Flight Nurse #2


The businesses that operate at the Aurora State Airport have a shared “safety-first” mentality. Sustaining safe operations at the airport is critical to all of our friends and neighbors. Airport safety is the foundation on which the airport and its businesses operate.


The Aurora State Airport is home to dozens of local businesses that employ over 1,500 of our neighbors. We pride ourselves on being a local community airport that will always be small-enough to know our neighbors. We share our local community’s concerns about preserving farmland, minimizing noise and disruption, and looking out for the best interest of our communities. Aurora will never become a commercial airport.


The airport is prepared for emergency. The Aurora State Airport is designated as one of 83 airports in the nation to carry designation with national significance to the National Transportation System. Businesses based out of the Aurora Airport all play a key role in area safety through aerial firefighting efforts, fire suppression efforts, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Premie Baby emergency-level transportation, power line restoration efforts and emergency recovery. The businesses that operate at the Aurora State Airport are ready to help our communities in times of trouble.

We have our sight set on a purpose bigger than the airport. We believe that our community and the families that is made up of are special, which is why we will always look out for the best interest of communities and strive toward working together to build a brighter future for the next generation.

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Aurora State Airport is working to become the best possible neighbor to our local communities and families. The airport and businesses that operate within it strive to help our communities become even better.

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