Runway extension means safer operations

A longer runway at the Aurora Airport means safer operations for all pilots, customers and communities around the airport.

The runway extension is both needed and overdue. The current runway length is 5,004 feet. The 1976 Aurora Airport Master Plan calls for a 6,000 foot runway, which was intended to be constructed by 1995.

A 1,000 foot runway extension is reflected in the Marion County acknowledged comp plan and in the 2013 Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA)/FAA updated Aurora Airport Master Plan. The Master Plan was recently upheld at an Oregon Board of Aviation meeting, as was the master planning process.

The runway extension will largely be in the existing airport boundary. The runway extension will also go to the south, away from residential areas. The Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)safety clear areas will be outside the existing boundary and encroach on Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) land, but the EFU land can and will stay in agricultural production by farmers.

This extension will meet the demands of today’s avionics and is crucial for the continued safety, emergency preparedness and development of the airport for surrounding communities.


Master Plan Found in Compliance with Land Use Rules

At the October 31st, 2019 Oregon Aviation Board meeting, the Board unanimously adopted findings that the Aurora State Airport Master Plan update of 2012 was both compatible with the comprehensive land use plans of affected cities and counties (in this case, Marion County) and in compliance with applicable state land use planning goals. Learn More

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